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Inspired organic Cuisine


Inspired organic Cuisine






Salam Ali Khoum,



We love food. We love nature. We respect all ways of eating. Our philosophy is learn and not judge.

Almost 15 years ago we started our journey of food. We opened our first restaurant in Brugge.   The setting of the restaurant is built on eco design principles. Where knowledge and desire is expressed in all aspects.  

And this is all just about respect and love for this world. We come from three different and very bright cultures, Moroccan, Indian and Belgian.  Our cultural patterns reflect in the styling, design and it`s unique environment of this place.    In other words our message is three worlds in one single concept.  To travel back in to time to our past ancestors, how good food was shared and treasured. We learned to integrate the traditions of each other in our family, the way of raising children, bringing about the right message.  Through our business concept these elements are emphasized alike an embassy or temple full of gratefulness and appreciation.   And it is educational.

We cook seasonable fruits and vegetables. It inspires us to adjust to the choice what we get or what`s available.

Why we do it, because we care about our environment and minimize wastage.  We have structured menu, but we wanted to be flexible in choice and stable in quality. Our customers will always find our specialties.   From vegetarian to non vegetarian taking in mind vegan, glutenfree and free of sugars.

We are sure that this is  the right objective and directive to bring you the best meals of the day.

Join our journey and discover happy food.   Basha.

Mona and Phillip


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The people

The people



As a creative soul and absolute foodist she holds a dialog with the food and the responsability for everything you recieve in your plate. i believe that tasty food should bring you pleasure and health. Cooking is a feeling!



Philip is responsable for the feeling of hospitality, he can make  the simplest procedure of serving as an entire ceremony. The atmosphere of coziness is provided by his calm soul.

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